National Guard Battalion Leaves For Deployment

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For the Army National Guard, it's usually all about country; But Saturday at the National Guard Armory in Glasgow, it was all about family as the troops said their final goodbyes before leaving on a ten month mission.

Nicholas Carter is leaving on his first deployment but his family has some history with the 623rd that may help.

"it's been very beneficial to me. Fortunately he was a great soldier so all of the guys in the unit tend to like me without even meeting me because of him, without even earning it. It's a big benefit plus he can give a lot of good advice." said Carter, whose father Tony served in the 623rd.

The Iqbal family has dealt with deployment before, but different circumstances may make this one tougher than the last.

"It's tough. I was gone for a year about a year and a half ago. It's tough turning around and having to do it again and this time we're going to have a little boy in four months." said Shahid Iqbal.

It's certainly tough for the soldiers to be so far away from their families , but the loved ones that are left behind miss them just as much.

"It's really hard but I know it's harder for him than it is for me because i have family here, friends, and a normal life. I just try to keep in mind that it's hard on me but it's harder on him I'm sure." added Shahid's wife, Karah Iqbal.

It may be hard but everyone has their way of coping with the anxiousness of being apart

"I found generally with the military, if you just do your job the right way you don't have much time to worry about other things. I think it'll be okay.

"One day at a time. There will be probably several tears and there already have been. It gets a little bit easier." commented Karah Iqbal.

Though it's tough to say goodbye the men of the 1st Battalion 623rd are making their families and country proud.

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