National Voter Registration Day

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It's national voter registration day, and a reminder that there's still time to make sure your vote counts.

The first step in doing that is making sure you're registered. That was the goal WKU student and faculty volunteers wanted to achieve today on WKU's campus and out in the community.

"Get them interested in the issues, so they know where they stand on the issues, and where the candidates stand. So once they are familiar with the issues, and they're interested, we want to register them to vote," said Dr. Saundra Ardrey, WKU Political Science Dept. Chair.

Dr. Ardrey said it's a way of letting students register students, and many of them were excited about the opportunity.

"We want to get people out to vote. That's our main goal. You gotta get out the vote," said Dan Sweeney, WKU student volunteer.

They aren't just helping them register, they're giving them info about precinct locations and where they need to go to vote in November, because it can be confusing for many students who are first-time voters and away from home.

"Alot of students are interested in voting, they just don't know about the process, and we thought it would be great to go out and help them get signed up," said WKU Softball Coach Tyra Perry.

It was that help and convenience that made it worth the quick stop for many students.

"I wanted to be able to vote here and not drive all the way back home," WKU student Zack Lester.

"It was convenient to get registered because it was all over campus." said WKU student Rachel Coote.

"People run out of time to do it, so it's convenient to have it right here in the middle of campus," said WKU student Andrew Miller.

Dr. Ardrey says the main thing is making sure students vote, because while some issues may not seem important now, they will become more important as the students enter the workforce.

Ardrey says it's import for everyone, not just students to vote. That's why they set up a few locations off campus to help members of the public get registered. Some of those included in front of Big Lots on Nashville Rd. and Curves on Scottsville Rd.

The last day to register is Oct. 9.

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