Nearby Business Talks About Shooting

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What began as a normal afternoon at Michelle's Consignment in Bowling Green, became very scary for many who were just across the street inside First Step Prosthetics.

"It turned into a big crime scene. When police came, all weapons were drawn on this guy. It was kind of an intense moment," said First Step Prosthetics co-owner Dan Hartung.

After workers heard the first shots, some of them came outside and saw everything that happened from across the street.

"He just stood there and held the gun on him, and someone came out of the boutique and he pulled a badge out of his back pocket and waved it toward them, and stood there and held the pistol on the guy in the truck until the police showed up," said First Step Prosthetics co-owner Jeremy Harris.

Another worker says he walked outside just after the shots were fired, and witnessed what happened from that point forward.

"The man that got shot... he never exited his vehicle through the whole incident," said Jeremy Harris.

Following the incident, one worker says the two cars appeared to be touching.

"Once shots were fired into the white Ford, the driver obviously lost control and consciousness and ran into the back of the Chevy," said First Step Prosthetics Technician Josh Harris.

Harris says after the police arrived, they spoke with Brown, and Bradshaw was placed in the ambulance and taken to the hospital.

KSP say they are unable to release any more information about the shooting at this time, but we will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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