Neighbors Continue Fighting Franklin Against Rock Quarry

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FRANKLIN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Residents of a Franklin neighborhood continue to voice opinions about an anticipated rock quarry.

“At my age, at 76, I don't have that many more years to go. But, I would like to live it out in peace and quiet," said Bill Moody, “Neighbors Against the Quarry” group member.

Bill Moody, is one of many neighbors rallying together in a self proclaimed group “Neighbors Against the Quarry”.

"With the rock quarry going, it is only 2,500 to 2,800 feet from my residence," said Bill Moody, “Neighbors Against the Quarry” group member.

Moody says not only is he worried about the value of his home depreciating, but he feels the health and wellness of his neighbors are at risk.

"Dust that is called “silica”. When “silica” meets something moist, such as the tissue in your lungs, it just hardens. I, myself, and four of my neighbors have emphysema or some form of COPD," said Bill Moody, “Neighbors Against the Quarry” group member.

Charles De Weese Construction is operating the blasting for the rock quarry and has notified neighbors when blasting will take place. De Weese Construction contacted nearby residents, informing them of today's blasting.

Moody says he felt vibrations today and usually always hears the blasting and sees dirt floating in the air.

"My mower sort of did a zigzag on me. I didn't know it but it was a result of the blast," said Bill Moody, “Neighbors Against the Quarry” group member.

Neighbors say the blasting is affecting visitors at a nearby park, along with animals living outside.

WBKO reached out to Charles De Weese Construction today, but received no response.

The Simpson County Conditional Use Board is set to vote on the future of the rock quarry, Tuesday, August 26.

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