Neighbors Grow Concerned About Dye Ford Road After Accident

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"Carnage. It was just terrible."

That is how neighbors describe the scene Monday night on Dye Ford Road in Warren County. Kendra Jones saw an accident from her window and ran outside. Warren County Sheriff's Deputies say 28-year-old Brenna Wiles and another vehicle with 3 juveniles inside collided head-on.

Jones says she remains shaken by the accident.

"The boys that were in the other car were making noise and talking and so you could pretty much tell that they were ok. The mini-van there was no sound coming from that which was really scary," says Jones.

Mangled metal are all that remain of the SUV driven by Wiles. A small child was also inside who suffered minor injuries. Sheriff's Deputies say a safety seat may have saved the child's life.

"It shows how important it is for parents and grandparents or anyone that is hauling children around to make sure that they do use a safety seat for the child and have it installed properly," says Chief Deputy Tommy Smith.

Back on Dye Ford Road Tuesday, investigators were back out at the scene.

Neighbors say a hill where the accident occurred has been a trouble spot for years.

"That hill is very dangerous because it's blind and even us that live here, that know, I've actually come up on somebody on that hill and have run off the road," says Jones.

The investigation into the accident continues but deputies say the blind hill most likely did play a factor.

"I'm almost certain that it did. I don't know because I wasn't at the scene myself but in that type of collision it usually has some type of influence," says Chief Deputy Smith.

Kendra Jones and other neighbors hope something is done so they never have to see a scene like Monday night ever again.

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