Neighbors Say Man Killed Woman Before Turning Gun on Himself in Russellville

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RUSSELLVILLE, Ky. (WBKO) -- Russellville Police are currently investigating the incident that took place at Logan Heights Apartment Complex Wednesday afternoon. While they're not releasing any information at this time, one neighbor who witnessed what happened, says her neighbor, a woman, was shot by someone she believed was her ex-husband or ex-boyfriend, before he turned the gun on himself.

Just moments before it happened neighbor Marina Wilson says the shooter walked past her and smiled, before walking up to the woman's car and speaking to the woman's boyfriend. She says she would have never guessed what would happen next.

"I guess they were arguing, but I really didn't hear what they were saying, it was just their actions, and then he pulled out a gun, and I ran inside and grabbed my phone and called 911. They went across the parking lot. She was yelling for help, and he got her over in front of the office and had her down, and I heard a pop, and I thought he had shot her, but then I saw her get up, and I knew she had either been hurt bad or he had missed her," said Wilson.

Wilson says it appeared the man's gun was jammed for a moment, before he took another shot.

"Then he grabbed her and threw her down and I heard another pop. I said oh my God, he's shot her, and he put the gun to his head and shot himself, and it was over. I was expecting somebody to say cut. It was like something you see in a movie. I didn't think it was real," said Wilson.

One of the woman's family members, who asked not be be on camera, said she was 33-year-old Melissa Vaughn Green, and said the apparent shooter was the father of her children Kenneth Temple.

"That's two kids left without their parents, and two people died for no reason. It can't be that bad that it can't be fixed, and it was just so hard to see somebody die. It's not something you'll ever forget, and it's not something you'll get over," said Wilson.

Wilson says at one point, the apartment manager opened the nearby office door to see what was wrong, but Temple then pointed the gun at the manager. She says he ran back inside and called police, but it happened so quickly, she believes there was nothing anyone could have done to stop it.

Russellville Police did not provide any information about the incident tonight, telling us they would issue a news release some time tomorrow. We'll keep you updated as that information becomes available.

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