New App Allows People to Report Suspected Drunk Driving

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Kentucky State Police say they've seen fewer deaths as a result of vehicle accidents so far this year than last, but they say the holidays are also the deadliest time of year on the roads.

KSP and the Kentucky Office of Highway safety have released a new app they hope will keep those fatal statistics low.

"108 persons less have lost their lives traveling on the roadways in the Commonwealth this year than last year. Obviously there's a lot of factors that go into that. Certainly education and enforcement is definitely a large part of that," said Kentucky State Police Commander of Public Affairs Sgt. Michael Webb.

Sergeant Webb says Christmas and New Years are also some of the deadliest times to drive.

"There's so much celebration going on this time of year, there's so many people having gatherings." Driver Sue Parrigin.

If those gatherings involve drinking, KSP offers a new free app called No DUI Kentucky that may help drivers make smart decisions. One of the features is a blood alcohol level estimator.

"You can put in certain amounts of data such as height, weight, amount of alcohol consumed and amount of time consumed in, and it will give you an approximate upon research and studies of what your blood alcohol level would be," said Sgt. Webb.

Webb says the disclaimer is that the estimator is only an approximation. Another feature is a button that calls the nearest KSP dispatch for reporting suspected drunk driving.

"I think some people are going to start playing around with it, because everybody plays around with everything," said driver Joe Huffman.

Huffman fears the system may be abused, while Parrigin thinks any education or tool could help.

"I think it's great that KSP are offering tools for the general public to be able to kind of thwart any accidents. It's bad enough to have an accident, but here at the holidays is really a terrible time," said Parrigin.

The app also has a "find a ride" tool that provides contact info for local taxi and safe ride services. It also provides information on Kentucky laws and penalties for drunk driving. Sergeant Webb says KSP urges drivers not to use the app while driving, but instead pull over have a passenger make the call if they need to report a driver.

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