Coalition Launches New Renters' Handbook in Bowling Green

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Most of those gathered at today's renters' handbook launch know what it's like to rent a home, and for many, the struggles that sometimes accompany it.

"He assured me the damages would be taken care of before I moved in, but they didn't. Once I moved in, it was worse than what I thought. I had a refrigerator that didn't work, and having a baby, that was a terrible situation," said renter, and renters' workshop facilitator Kristina Gamble.

"The person just wouldn't keep up with it at all. I had my apartment broken into, and they wouldn't replace the screen. They wouldn't replace the locks," said renter and renters' workshop facilitator Jasmine Routon.

The Uniform Residential Landlord Tenant Act has been adopted by some Kentucky communities, but none in the Barren River area.

"We're really trying to get Bowling Green, and Warren County to buy in to ensuring renters and landlords that we can come to some type of agreement on the rules and regulations is the ultimate goal," said Gamble.

In the meantime the handbook launched today aims to educate renters on what they can do now to protect themselves.

"Sometimes there's just problems created through the miscommunications between the tenant and the landlord, so we're trying to improve that communication. We're trying to get knowledge out there to city officials... to citizens... to those who are renting, so they can make better agreements on their own, so maybe they don't need that law and they know how to do it themselves, like how much they should be paying for their property... what should be included in those agreements," said Homeless and Housing Coalition of South Central Kentucky Student Intern Haley Garrison.

Garrison says not all landlords provide an environment like those Gamble and Routon experienced, but to prevent those situations, she says knowing simple things to look out for can make all the difference, things Routon now wants to share with others.

"Even in our lease agreement, it did say they would fix the problems, but it never gave a timeline," said Routon.

The handbook addresses situations just like that, which Garrison says are preventable.

She says you can pick up a copy of the Barren River Area Renters' Handbook at the Alive Center on the 31w bypass, and you can find more information about the Homeless and Housing Coalition of South Central Kentucky by clicking on the related link.

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