New Beginnings Needs New Home

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New beginnings brings new beginnings to people with emotional., mental, and physical disabilities through the unique power of horse therapy.

The owners of the farm are moving and they are in desperate need of a new facility.

And new place to call home.

"Just being able to get out of a chair everyday,"says Elizabeth Robert, Student at New Beginnings.

17 year old Elizabeth Roberts was born with cerebral palsy and for the past 14 years new beginnings has provided her with a way to be free of her wheelchair.

"it feels really good, i feel like I'm just like every other normal human being."

To Elizabeth and many other students New Beginnings is a family that aims to strengthen the mind, body, and souls of those with disabilities.

"It's using the power of the horse to provide the therapy and the movement to our riders, you can see them improve week to week, it's just a wonderful opportunity,"says Jeanne Cline, Instructor at New Beginnings.

They create new beginnings for more than 175 students through the power of horse therapy but tonight they need your help.

"There is an urgency for us to find a new home, we would like to have a new home so we can continue the program, were needing a facility that can handle 10 of our horses and also have an indoor,outdoor arena," says Michele Vise, Administrative Director of New Beginnings.

With the November 1st deadline quick approaching they are aiming to raise nearly $750,000.

"We are looking for any land and any place that New Beginnings can call home,"says Vise.

After 15 years they have become the 2ND largest Therapeutic Riding Center in the state and they hope to continue growing.

"Those with disabilities do not have recreational outlets to participate in, there are not many of those,"says Vise.

They hope to keep improving lives of those like Elizabeth.

"It's changed my life in a way that i can be stronger. I can be anything i want to, and not have to hide. I feel like it's done a great thing for me, and if it ended i don't know what i would do,"says Elizabeth.

To donate you can call new beginnings at 270-782.-6496.

They will also be hosting a night of food and fun at "Bids, Boots, and BBQ" on October 12Th at the WKU AG Expo Center.

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