New Bethel Baptist Church Needing Volunteers to Finish Vandalized House

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A house that collects revenue for New Bethel Baptist Church in Bowling Green was vandalized about five months ago, making it unlivable.

Shortly after, the air conditioning unit at the church caved the ceiling in.

When Glasgow Contractor David Thomas offered to donate his services to help fix the church and the house, it was the answer the church needed.

Now, the house is on it's way to being complete to generate revenue, but Thomas is turning to the community and church members to help complete the project.

"If we could get those people out here, we could be done, this house could be generating money for the church and if your need comes back up again, this church is going to be able to help you," he says.

"I'll be more excited when it is rented and occupied and that will be less pressure on us," says New Bethel Baptist Church Pastor Earl J. Jackson.

Thomas says if he can get a team of fifteen workers next weekend, he expects they will be able to finish the house.

He expects the house will get $500 a month for the church.