New Broadband Internet Now Available To More Warren County Residents

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WARREN COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) - From populated downtown areas, to the rolling hills of the country side, Warren County residents will now be offered a high speed internet connection. FastNet Wireless has partnered with the county to offer affordable broadband.

"Where there initial focus is, is in those unserved areas and under served areas too. Folks who don't have any connection, or a connection that is unsatisfactory," says Brian Mefford of Connected Nation Exchange.

Hundreds of homes have signed up for the new FastNet service, with the most popular area in Smiths Grove.

"It's really under served. There are some providers in the area, however their speeds aren't matching peoples demands right now. There is a lot of things they can't do in the household so that market out there has been very busy for us," says Mike Calvin from FastNet Wireless.

FastNet's partnership allows access to other utilities. Equipment is currently installed on water towers, which gives enough height to reach a broad area.

"We are installing transceivers. There are antennas that we use at different frequencies, a lot like a cell carrier, that allows us to target an area that based on topography. If there are a lot of trees or foliage we will use different frequencies to get the penetration in those areas," says Calvin.

Warren County set a goal last fall that every home has access to broadband internet. The request came after research of economic impacts and concerns by local school districts.

"When one child goes home, to a home with an internet connected computer, that's a whole lot different then one that goes home to a fast connected computer," says Mefford.

FastNet hopes to have every home connected by this fall.

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