New Classroom Technology In Bowling Green Independent Schools

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Dry erase boards and taking notes are becoming a thing of the past. New technology, like turning point in Bowling Green Independent Schools, has made learning easier for students and teachers.

"If they don't know the correct answer or what I am looking for I can see that immediately with the turning point software. It actually gives me percentages and a bar graph and then I will know we need to stop and re-teach that concept," says Science Teacher Rachel Ballard.

The software is operated by each instructor. Teachers put up multiple choice questions, while students buzz in with an answer using a clicker.

Students agree they would much rather have a clicker than a pile of paper work.

"It works better than sitting there and taking notes I think it is more interactive and that we get a better learning experience from using the clickers," says student Dylan Hawkins.

"They are much better for when we review quizzes and do work because we get to see answer choices and we pick out our own choice," says student Jasmine Brown.

Rachel Ballard says that ability to interact brings a new kind of excitement to class.

"When we've got the clickers out they will actually say yes we've got clickers today. I can also tell more students are looking at the screen and thinking about the question," says Ballard.

While it improves the way students learn it also makes life a little easier for teachers.

"Instead of me having to go through and grade a slip of paper, what we call an exit slip as they go out the door to see what they learned from a lesson, we can just have that quick instant snapshot it saves us hours of grading," says Ballard.

Ballard and other faculty say they are always brain storming ways to use more technology to improve the classroom.

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