New Dishman McGinnis Elementary Opens Smoothly

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- It's sometimes more emotional for the parents than it is the students. Preparations are made all summer long for it. Now it's finally here, the first day of school.

Students at Dishman McGinnis Elementary not only have the regular first day jitters, they also have the task of learning their brand new building that costs more than $11 million dollars to put up.

"Very similar to nine years ago when we opened the building down at Parker Bennett Curry. The changes we've seen in that neighborhood, it's almost an indication of new life in that community. It just brings some hope," said Superintendent Joe Tinius.

All morning students talk about how cool their new building is, along with a few other things.

"I got a cool Chevy Camaro folder!" said one student.

The nearly 60,000 square foot facility was built with not only energy efficiency in mind, it was also crafted by the teachers for the students.

"There weren't any real surprises when they walked in because they knew what it was going to be," said Tinius.

One of the most unique things about the school is the math classrooms. They are covered with manipulatives from ceiling to floor. Measuring sticks go up and down on the walls and each tile of the ceiling and floor is marked as a grid.

At Potter Gray Elementary while new students are settling in, so is the one of the newest members of the faculty, Principal Byron Darnall.

"There's definitely a lot of butterflies. I didn't sleep soundly last night. There's a lot of anticipation. This is my 15th year in education and it never changes. I knew coming in though, that I would feel right at home once I saw the kids."

Like Superintendent Joe Tinius, Principal Darnall spent the morning going from classroom to classroom getting familiar with his students. He has experience teaching at Bowling Green High for nearly a decade, so his task is only to get re-acclimated to the system.

Each school is excited for two different kinds of new, but they each have the same goal in mind, having a great and safe school year.

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