New Grocery Stores Filling Bowling Green

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- The newly open Priceless IGA on Russellville Road is bringing customers in with a cost saving way of buying. Add ten percent to your groceries at the counter.

"We started this format about a year and a half ago in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. It was basically an experiment to see if we could compete in this arena. The store went very well and we've grown to 29 stores as of today." said Houchens Food Group Chief Operating Officer, Jimmy Nichols.

That arena includes the likes of Kroger that upgraded all three of its locations in town. Those stores and places like Wal-Mart offer bargains to consumers, but buyers say price isn't the only factor when it comes to where they will fill their refrigerator.

"I think they have the best meat."

"I have a discount card, so I get a lot of money of that and gas."

"They always have the specific products that I'm looking for. Price helps, but it's more about the products."

A new Meijer store coming to Bowling Green is only adding to the already heavy competition. So how can they all exist? We asked the chair of the WKU Marketing Department, Dr. Rick Shannon.

"They're targeting different areas. The IGA's tend to be locating a little more out. Kroger obviously is on the three sides of town. Each of them is identifying a little different target audience as to who they are trying to cater to."

Location may be a large factor in any business but so is quantity. Kroger, Wal-mart, and Meijer all have locations across the country, but Houchens has also seen a lot of growth in the area. As of today the group boasts 29 locations.

"It's not a matter of trying to up the store count. We're taking advantage of opportunities." added Nichols.

Though each store has a different strategy they all want one thing ... your business.

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