New Homes On The Rise In Warren County

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New homeowners may pay a pretty penny for their dream home. Experts say over the last month prices on drywall, cement and asphalt have increased.

But the expenses don't stop there.

"We are going to see other increases. We have already been put on notice by our suppliers that things like shingles, plastics, vinyl windows, anything that has a petroleum product in it," says Realtor & New Construction Specialist Lynn Davenport.

Builders say the basics of new home construction have also seen a dramatic change.

"Lumber material has gone up about 30 or 35% just here in the last month or so. So a substantial increase on the lumber," says Kyle Kirby of Kirby Builders.

The increased cost still hasn't had an affect in Warren County where home construction is around just about every corner.

"We have 32 single family home permits already on February the 8th. This time last year we only had 21," says Director of Warren County Public Works Mac Yowell.

The desire to live in Warren County is good news for the area, unless you're in the market to build. Supply and demand have even spiked prices for land.

"We are seeing lot prices increase anywhere from what they were six months ago to a year ago they have increased $15,000. So if you are building a $250,000 house that you could have built for $250,000 six months ago that house, if nothing else changes, will go up $10,000 to $15,000," says Davenport.

Davenport says inflation could also be passed on to prices of existing homes in the coming months.

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