New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Re-elected

Can newly re-elected New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie lead the Republicans back to the White House? It's pretty unclear at this point, especially since the exit polls show that he trails former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton in the Presidential match-up.

"I'm not here to put on a show.
I'm here to win."

After stomping his opponent and sailing to re-election, everyone was asking: will he run in 2016?

"To say 'please, it's such a burden for you to be speculating me about being the next leader of the free world.' Stop, I'm so burdened.
I mean, you know, it's a pretty big ego to be complaining about that.
It's complimentary, and it's flattering and i have no problem with it. But, I've been really clear about this, I've got a job to do..."

He insists he's committed to finishing the job in New Jersey, but he's already laying down some markers in preparation for the rousing fight to come.

"No one is ever left behind on the battlefield.
And on the battlefield that Sandy turned this state into, New Jersey-ans will never leave any New Jerseyan behind."

Still, exit polls show that Christie trails in a Presidential match-up against Hillary Clinton in 2016. What's more, the results of Christie's election don't make the path forward any clearer for the GOP.

"I know this has been a hard fought race."

In Virginia, Terry McAuliffe won a closer-than-expected race against tea-party-backed Ken Cuccinelli, who had been all but written off by the GOP establishment, leaving a republicans second-guessing their strategy.

"Had the tea party house caucus in the US House of Representatives not shut down the government for 17 days, there would have been an additional several weeks worth of focus on Obamacare, and look, it is not impossible that Cuccinelli could have won with a longer focus on this unpopular roll-out."

And McAuliffe acknowledged that a highly partisan election left voters divided.

"The main message that came out of last night is they want folks working together in a bipartisan, mainstream, pragmatic way."

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