New Bottle Label Fights Prescription Drug Abuse

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Another step has been made in the fight aimed at preventing prescription drug abuse in Warren County.

A new prescription bottle label is calling on you to make a change.

Kids say one of the easiest places to get prescription drugs is in their own cabinets and this label aims to prevent just that.

"1 in 6 sixth graders said it was sort of easy or very easy to get prescription drugs, all the way up to 12Th grade 1 in 2. Also where are kids using, the biggest place they are using is at home," says Amy Stillwell, Save Our Kids Coalition.

In addition to drop boxes the new pink labels are being used to remind people of safe disposal methods.

"We have 23 pharmacies working with us and we feel as if we have saturated Warren County with these," says Stillwell.

"This is a really good program to remove drugs or other controlled medications that are abused and dispose of them properly,"says Pharmacist Jarrod Ramsey.

Stillwell says prescription drug abuse is prevalent because it is easily accessible.

"In 2009 there were 2 controlled prescriptions written for every man, woman, and child here in Warren County."

They hope the label will turn the habit of saving into a routine of disposing.

"Keep narcotics locked up in a safe place away from children," says Ramsey.

"As a culture we have a tendency everything. O I might need this later, but if you have expired drugs get rid of them. Every person can play a role in getting prescription drugs off the streets and out of the hands of our children,"says Stillwell.

The non-profit group has rolled out 24,0000 labels with 100,000 more sought.

You can dispose of any unused medications at the Bowling Green Police Department, the Warren County Sheriff's Office, or the Kentucky State Police post on Nashville Road.

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