New Partnership Promotes Safe Driving for Teenagers

For some of you that may be worried about safety on the road with young drivers, the Warren County Circuit Court Clerk's office and the Corvette Museum have teamed up to promote a program.

"This particular program just makes it safer for everyone. Everybody wants their children to be safe as well as those that are on the road with them," said Corvette Museum Guest Services Manager Debbie Willis.

Warren Circuit Clerk Brandi Duvall said her office is where driving begins for teenagers.

"Essentially when a new driver comes in here to get their permit. They have just passed a written an eye exam and may have never been behind the wheel of a vehicle. The museum offers several different clinics for these driving simulators, but the one I had taken a particular interest in is, is the teen driving clinic. As the first point of contact for new drivers, I feel it's important to offer this to them as an extra safety precaution," said Duvall.

The program provides simulation in multiple different settings including tire blow-outs, traffic and weather conditions.

"From the time they get their permit to the time they get their license, it hasn't snowed. They're not familiar with those kind of conditions and you really can see a difference between an experienced driver on snow and a new driver on snow. They're not aware of the sliding. They always want to go the speed limit. This is the chance to say hey, if it's raining like this you don't have to go the speed limit," said Willis.

Organizers say it's also a good chance for parents to see what their teenager may need to improve.

"I would also say the parents might want to come out and see exactly what kind of things their children are having trouble with," said Willis.

If you're interested the class is offered the first Tuesday of each month.

When you got to the Circuit Court Clerk's office to get a permit or that first license, you can just ask about the program.

It only costs $10 per student and includes admission to the Corvette Museum as well.

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