Neighbors Seem Happy With Smallhouse Road Improvements

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If your travels bring you to Smallhouse and Cave Mill Roads in Bowling Green beware of something new. After months of construction a new section aligning Smallhouse Road has opened. A private developer has been working on the project and the county says they are pleased with the progress.

"I think its worked very well. The last three weeks have really gone fast once we started work through the Church of the Latter Day Saints parking lot we were able to open that up," says Mac Yowell, Director of Public Works for Warren County

The road winds behind the church and comes to a new intersection on Cave Mill. The transformation has been dramatic, which initially worried some residents.

City Commissioner Bill Waltrip heard many concerns, but is pleased with the outcome.

"I don't think that there is any argument that the road is very nice. I think that it will really help traffic flow through the area," says Waltrip.

Although it will take some getting used to neighbors in the area are welcoming the change.

"Last night when I drove home some cars coming off Smallhouse Road didn't know where to go and there was a little bit of friction like are they going to wreck or something just not knowing, but I think it's going to be for the best. I think the look of it is great. It really cleaned up this area so I am happy," says area resident Kathy Smith.

But not everyone has been happy with the project. Waltrip admits the city and county have learned what to improve for next time.

"Communication. We need to look at it and probably do a little bit better in that area with the people that it actually affects," says Waltrip.

Before work is officially complete additional paving is needed on cave mill road in the coming weeks.

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