New Spay and Neuter Clinic in Bowling Green

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Bowling Green, Ky -The Bowling Green Warren County Humane Society opened it's new spay and neuter facility today.

"When we walked in this morning and opened the doors, it seemed almost too good to be true. We know we're going to save alot of lives with this building," said Bowling Green Warren County Humane Society Executive Director Lori Hare.

Hare hopes the more pets they have walking through the doors of their new spay and neuter clinic building, the less they'll have walking through the doors of the adoption building.

"Currently, we're getting in about 10,000 animals a year. That's a terrible pet overpopulation problem. The only way to stop euthanasia of animals is through spay neuter," said Hare.

This new facility will allow them to do that at little expense to their owners.

"We do low cost spay and neuter year around. For cats, it's $45, for dogs, it's $65. Basically people come in, fill out the paperwork, and we try to schedule you an appointment time. Usually we can get you in in about 10 weeks," said Hare.

Hare says it's a price worth paying. She says the shelter rarely needs to euthanize dogs, but not all the animals are that lucky.

"For cats and kittens, it's a completely different story. There's some days those numbers may be 30 to 50 a day. It's a very very difficult job to do, and it's one that isn't a problem we created. It's a problem our community created," said Hare.

Hare says within five years, one cat and her offspring can create hundreds of thousands of kittens.

"We could build a brand new million dollar facility. It would be full in a month, and that same problem is still going to be there," said Hare.

She says the only answer to that problem is spaying and neutering your pets. She says they don't limit spay and neuter procedures to cats and dogs either. For more on how you can join in the effort to prevent the euthanization of animals, see the link below.

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