New Laws in Kentucky

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150 new laws are now in effect in Kentucky.

These include everything from new concealed carry laws to stricter seat belt legislation, but one of the biggest comes in the fight against meth.

Lawmakers put limits on how much pseudoephedrine can be purchased a month.

"I think it's a good start. I would have like to seen it a little stronger, but it's a good start, and hopefully it will be effective over a period of time," said Rep. Jody Richards (D) 20th District.

You will only be able to purchase 7.2 grams a month and a maximum of 24 grams a year.

A big issue with this has been whether or not to make it a prescription drug, something lawmakers didn't do.

"There are families like my family that have a lot of seasonal allergies, and we've tried a lot of the different ones, and pseudoephedrine is the one that really works for my family," said Sen. Mike Wilson (R) 32nd District.

So, how much will you be able to buy over the counter?

For some of the more powerful doses, you can buy about three of these boxes a month and nine for the entire year, and for weaker ones about five a month or 15 a year.

"For the seasonal allergy sufferer, this is more than going to take care of their needs," said Warren County Drug Task Force Leader, Tommy Loving.

Loving has heard several arguments, but still thinks it should require a prescription.

"Children under 12 are not even supposed to take pseudoephedrine, above 12 you should be consulting a physician anyway, but the other point here is, there are 138 other products on the shelf today," said Loving.

However, overall, many say it was a good year for anti-drug legislation.

The state legislature also passed laws against prescription pill abuse, and Rep. Richards of Bowling Green co-sponsored a bill banning synthetic drugs.

For more information on these laws you can go to the Kentucky Legislature Home Page.

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