Update: Nine Month Old Baby Taken From His Home in Green County Found

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky (WBKO) -- UPDATE: 4/17/14 6:40PM - The Green County Sheriff's Department tells us Jeremiah has been found safe in Tennessee.

Cindy Lee Richardson is in police custody. The family is on their way to pick him up.

We'll have more details as they become available.


Yesterday morning, between nine and eleven o'clock, nine-month-old Jeremiah Davis was taken from his home on Arnett-Bishop road, in Green County. The Green County Sheriff's Department says the baby's noncustodial mother took him, but also drove off with something else.

“Just to bring that baby back, that is all that we want. He is the life of the family, just bring that baby back,” said Angela Mitchell, Jeremiah's sister.

According to family, the infant's biological mother drove off with the baby in the custodial father's 2006 Ford F 150 pick up truck.

"I saw that all the diapers were taken out of the diaper box. All the milk was taken. There were things taken here and there and I still don't know what all is missing, except Jeremiah," said Daniel Davis, Jeremiah's brother.

Family members say, Tom Davis, Jeremiah's Uncle, has had custody of him since he was nearly three weeks old. Davis was allowing the baby's biological mother, Cindy Richardson, to stay in his home because she was homeless. The baby's biological father is in jail.

"Through her problems, they were nice enough to let her stay here. When you give up rights to your kid and you don't have a say so anymore, you can't just take somebody's kid that isn't yours anymore. That is your fault. That baby isn't yours anymore, so you have to live with those consequences," said Jacob Davis, Jeremiah's cousin.

Daniel Davis says he fears for his baby brother's safety.

"Because of the atmosphere he's around, the area he is in, and the people she is affiliated with. yes I do fear for him. Because of the area he's around and the people he's with," said Daniel Davis, Jeremiah's brother.

Davis also says this is not the first child Richardson has lost custody of.

"They've had children in Texas and because they lived the wrong life style, those children were taken away by Child Protective Services," Daniel Davis, Jeremiah's brother.

Police say, they suspect Richardson is driving to Chattanooga, Tennessee.

"She has family in Chattanooga, a daughter in Chattanooga, and further investigations show she is in Chattanooga," said Robbie Beard, Green County Sheriff.

"They pulled her phone history and she has constant contact with her daughter. They pinged her phone and she is in the Chattanooga area," said Daniel Davis, Jeremiah's brother.

The family is urging an “Amber Alert” be issued, to assist in locating baby Jeremiah.

"If Jeremiah is sitting there in front of the television right now, I love you Skooter and I miss you," said Daniel Davis, Jeremiah's brother.

The Green County Sheriff's Office says an Amber Alert request has been sent to Kentucky State Police, but officials at Frankfort must approve the request.

If you have any information about this missing baby, please call the Green County Sheriff's Department, (270) 932-5641, Green County E-911 Center, (270) 932-4911 or Kentucky State Police, 1-800-222-5555.

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