Nursing Homes Taking Extra Precautions to Fight the Flu

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Now several area housing facilities are doing everything possible to ensure the flu doesn't continue to spread.

When Massey Springs assisted living in Bowling Green had a stomach bug outbreak in December, executive director Leigh Mooneyhan decided to make a few changes.

"We started using precautionary measures to keep from spreading it-- washing hands, hand sanitizer, bleach, spray antiseptics anything we could do to keep the germs down," Mooneyhan says.

Now that flu season is in full swing she isn't seeing any viruses since most residents were vaccinated.

"We don't want to see the flu, any stomach viruses, any sort of virus, because it can be so bad for our residents," she says.

While Massey Springs is winning the fight against the flu, some much younger residents have gotten the bug.

"We're experiencing all kinds of problems with kids that are sick with high fevers. I have one family that has all four kids that have been sick and the mom was doing pretty well, but she got sick," says Potter Children's Home Minister of Family Services, Tommy Doty.

Doty says about half the kids and their parents in one wing got the flu.

Not only is he having to stay away from the virus at work, he's also experiencing the flu in his family.

"H parents are in a nursing home in Glasgow and I got to wear my mask to go visit them because they have been quarantined,
he says.

He says they have stayed in their room for two weeks.

And Massey Springs resident Dr Paul Parks says that's the key.

"Say at home. Just stay away from everybody that you can," Dr. Parks says.

While staying out of sight may be the key, Dr. Parks says the flu shot can also help fight the flu.

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