Oakland City Commission Looks to Fill Empty Seat

The ballot for city commissioner on election day in Oakland was blank because candidates did not meet the filing deadline, but after yesterday, three write-in candidates were elected.

However, the commission still has an empty seat.

"Oakland's like a small family. It's more family than it is community, and when something needs to be done, someone always steps up," said Commissioner John Blubaugh.

And just how many people have shown interest in the position?

"One and a half, that's an odd answer, but the half being he's not to sure he wants to do it, but he's sort of interested. So, we'll see. I don't expect any trouble in filling it," said Mayor Billy Mansfield.

Other commissioners said people have approached them about being on the commission, and now the decision is up to the three members and the mayor.

"We all meet together and we decide on somebody, have them come in and interview then decide," said Mansfield.

While some of the qualifications are basic, one commissioner said they want someone who really cares about Oakland.

"Just a genuine interest in the community, that interest has to be honest to step forward and do this kind of work, to serve your community for no money. It's strictly volunteer, it pretty much speaks for anyone who would want to be on the commission," said Blubaugh.

Now, Mansfield said they have 30 days to fill the seat.

They will discuss who to fill the spot at the upcoming meeting this Monday, November 12th.

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