Obama Administration Pushing to Spread the Word on Enrollment Website Improvements

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Washington, D.C. (AP) -- After months of unyielding criticism from Republicans on Obamacare, and chronic problems with the website, President Obama is set to go on offense.

The President will spend the next three weeks making sure you know about the benefits of the Affordable Care Act, and making sure Americans know the website is up and running.

Saturday was the deadline for fixing healthcare.gov after its disastrous roll-out in October.

Among those fixes: a waiting room for high-traffic periods, where users have the option to be emailed to return when traffic has eased.

Healthcare.gov says more than a million people visited the website on Monday, with no major problems. Meanwhile, a health insurance industry trade group says the "back-end" of healthcare.gov continues to have glitches -- like sending wrong or missing information for those who have signed up on the website.

All this while the Republicans continue their push to dismantles what they call a broken law.

The administration's goal is to get 7-million people signed up by the end of March.

In October, just over 100,000 people signed up through the website.

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