UPDATE: NTSB Sites Possible Cause of Plane's Hard Landing

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UPDATE: 7/25/13 6:25 CDT Federal investigators say it appears the nose gear of a Southwest Airlines jet that made a hard landing at New York's LaGuardia Airport hit the ground before the main landing gear.

The finding was released by the National Transportation Safety Board on Thursday.

Sixteen passengers suffered minor injuries during Flight 345's landing Monday. The plane was coming from Nashville, Tenn.

The NTSB had said Wednesday that the landing gear "collapsed rearward and upward into the fuselage, damaging the electronics bay that houses avionics."

It posted a photo showing the jet's electronics bay penetrated by the landing gear with only the right axle still attached.

Investigators recovered the flight data and cockpit voice recorders on Tuesday. They'll be analyzed by the NTSB.

NEW YORK (AP) -- Officials are hoping to have both runways at LaGuardia Airport up and running after the collapse of a plane's front landing gear sent it skidding along the tarmac and caused a temporary suspension of operations.

The nose gear on Southwest Airlines Flight 345 collapsed when it landed at 5:40 p.m. Monday. Officials say 10 passengers were treated at the scene, with six taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

The airport was temporarily closed, but one of two runways was operating shortly after 7 p.m. It is hoped both runways will be open Tuesday morning.

The FAA is investigating, as is the National Transportation Safety Board.

Dallas-based Southwest says there were 150 people on Flight 345 coming from Nashville, Tenn.

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