Officials Confident Warren County Pool Will Be Saved

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The effort to save the Warren County Aquatic Facility will have to wait a little longer.

Thursday Morning Warren County Fiscal Court granted the pool a 2 week extension.

During that period, officials hope a partner will be signed on to save the pool.

Parks and Recreation Director Chris Kummer is confident a partner will help the pool pay the $178,000 needed to stay open. Swimmers still remain on edge without a solid answer.

"Right now I am 95% sure we've got something solid. The organization we are working with I think they're totally committed," says Kummer.

"There is a high level of anxiety. Is it going to stay open? Is it going to close? I am hopeful that it's going to work out," says swimmer Kristin McGuinness.

Kummer says an official announcement could come in a few days.

The next fiscal court meeting to discuss the pool is March 22.

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