Officials Hope Construction Project Boosts Economy

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Currently, it pretty much looks like a bridge to nowhere, but once this construction project on the Cumberland Parkway is completed that will change.

"This particular phase links our industrial part of town directly to the cumberland parkway, which gives them much better, quicker access to I-65 and onto the parkway itself," said Glasgow Mayor Rhonda Trautman.

"It will alleviate some heavy truck traffic through Glasgow. It will also widen Glasgow out some," said Engineer James Edmunds.

The project will make a complete outer loop and it's just south of Exit 11 on the parkway.

This project will essentially create a circle around the city of Glasgow bringing the city together and officials hope bringing business in.

"As you know Kentucky is very centrally located and we are able to advertise ourselves as being in direct connection to a huge population center. So, anything that we can do locally to enhance that helps on recruiting," said Trautman.

Trautman hopes it will bring work and business to the industrial park, but due to the weather that likely won't happen this year.

"We started in October and I think given several variables in weather, we should be completed by the end of next summer," said Edmunds.

Officials hope by the end of next summer that bridge to nowhere will lead to a boost in the economy.

The project is funded by the state and Trautman says it will cost around 20 to 25 million dollars.

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