Officials Hope For Less Car Accidents In Construction Zones

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BOWLING GREEN / BARREN COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) - Spring is known for more than just the start of the growing season. Road construction is well underway across the area. Workers alongside local highways say they see one common problem.

"Speeding. Particularly on I-65. The truckers, not to pick on one particular group, speeding is one of the big things and inattentiveness," says Kevin Gearlds, Transportation Engineer Supervisor from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet says they have several major construction projects going on right now. With the help of police they have been patrolling area work zones to keep everyone safe. But sometimes there is only so much they can do before a driver makes a mistake.

"Some of the worst are when it's raining and say we have the interstate down to two lanes instead of three. We will see people try to slow down at the last minute if they are not paying attention. They will fish tail and wipe out and have crashes," says Greg Meredith, Chief District Engineer.

Those accidents put construction crews at risk. Officials want to remind drivers the work on the side of the road is also considered someone's office space.

"Most of my guys work in the field. Particularly during the construction season they are out here 8 to 9 months out of the year. Usually from early March to late November those state trucks are their office," says Gearlds.

"A few years ago we did a little skit where we put a desk out by the roadway and you could see the cars going by and the papers on the desk being ruffled and thrown off the desk. It's their workplace. It's somebody's mom, dad, brother, sister," says Meredith.

As the construction season is now in full swing officials hope all drivers think twice while traveling through work zones.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet says there was 5 deaths statewide last year in work zones.

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