Officials Remind Everyone To Be Prepared For Severe Weather As Spring Approaches

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It's the final full day of winter. Many of us may be shedding our coats in anticipation of warmer weather.

Emergency officials are reminding everyone that with spring, and that warmer weather, comes a greater chance of severe storms. They say the time to take action is now.

"Talk to your family. Talk about what you are going to do, where you are going to go, who you're going to contact in the event of a severe weather event. Make sure you have some type of warning," says Ronnie Pearson, Director of Warren County Emergency Management.

Warren County is prepared to inform residents. 29 outdoor warning sirens are spread throughout the area, but officials caution they should not be your only source of information.

"We get a couple calls every time we get a severe storm saying well I couldn't hear it inside, well I had the TV on and I was inside the house. There were implemented to make sure everyone that's outside, whether they're at a playground, at a school, their farming, hears the warning and goes inside," says Pearson.

For those in public buildings, 250 indoor units are installed throughout the county.

Warren County has already had its share of severe weather this season with a tornado tearing through Smiths Grove January 30.

Emergency Management says lives were saved that day from the warning system. It's a system that was planned for expansion but has been put on hold because of budget cuts.

"No, it's not going to make anyone less safe, but the more outdoor warning systems and things we can bring to the community the more opportunities there are for everyone to know," says Pearson.

Pearson remains optimistic the system can be expanded in the future. For now he says the county is ready for whatever spring may bring.

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