Ohio Suspect Has 'Diminished Mental Capacity'

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WOOSTER, Ohio (AP) -- Authorities say a man accused of killing a 9-year-old girl who lived in his Ohio trailer park has a "diminished mental capacity."

But Wayne County Sheriff's Office Capt. Douglas Hunter won't release information about a specific diagnosis for 24-year-old Jerrod Metsker.

Neighbors say Metsker would play outside with the local children and built a playhouse out of blankets alongside his home, where he'd spend time with youngsters less than half his age.

Authorities say he'd been building a snowman with second-grader Reann Murphy just hours before she was reported missing over the weekend. Reann's body was found in a trash bin.

Neighbor Judy Jarvis says Metsker took part in the search for Reann.

Metsker is being held on $1 million bond following his arraignment Monday. His mother and sister won't comment.

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