UPDATE: One Day Left To Save Warren County Pool

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The question on everyone's mind in relation to the Warren County Academic and Aquatics Center is ... will it stay open?

"We have not, not found it. But then again, we haven't sealed a deal. We're working very, very hard to make something happen within the final hours." said Executive Director of Warren County Parks, Chris Kummer.

Like other agencies in Warren County, budget cuts are causing tough decisions to be made at the parks department. Ones that could end people's jobs.

"The part time staff of the guards, they will be let go. Hopefully they'll be able to draw unemployment or find jobs rather quickly." stated David Jones, who is the Pool Manager at the aquatic center.

With trim operations at the parks department, there isn't a lot of room to cut fat.

"You pay $.04 a day from a parks and recreation standpoint. It equates out to $15.40 a year." added Kummer.

Jones loves working at the pool and would be more than sad to have to change jobs.

"Here I get to watch people enjoy themselves and watch them heal. I get to build relationships with kids that are two, three, and four years old, all the way up to senior citizens. It's been a truly rewarding experience. It's one of the few jobs I've had where I like getting up and coming to work everyday." said Jones.

Though a deal hasn't been secured, the fight is certainly not over.

"We're going to work right up to 8:59 tomorrow morning and we're going to try and have some kind of deal brokered. We will all know that if it doesn't happen, we have put every piece of effort that our department has, that the individuals working for me have to make it happen." said Kummer.

If a deal is made in less than 24 hours, it would be nothing short of a miracle. The fate of the pool will be decided tomorrow morning in Warren County Fiscal Court at 9 A.M., where many supporters of the facility are expected to be in attendance.

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