One Man Volleyball Team Takes on Students While Promoting Anti-bullying

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Bob Holmes travels the country with the mission of teaching youth about beating the odds. Today, Holmes visited schools in Warren County to talk about bullying, but it wasn't his talking that got the students' attention.

Few things get kids as excited as getting out of class, playing sports, and better yet, watching your teachers do the same.

"Do me a favor and point to the teacher who gives you the most homework," said Bob Holmes.

The students at alvaton elementary did just that today. The sixth grade girls and boys took on Bob Holmes, the one-man volleyball team, and Holmes, who has beaten professional sports teams, was so confident he'd win, he made some pretty tempting offers to the students if they beat him.

"How would you like it if the whole school has no homework?" asked Holmes. "I really shouldn't say this but boys, if you beat me, not only will you get pizza in the classroom, but I will give each one of you boys 20 dollars cash!"

"Mr. Holmes claims that he can beat anybody. I think he's been in front of alot of different crowds... alot of professional teams... and he's beaten them all. He's going to prove he can beat even the staff, and that might include me at some point." said Alvaton Elementary School Principal Sarah Johnson.

Today's event wasn't just about having fun. It was about teaching the lesson of beating the odds, because after all, who would guess one person could beat a team of dozens?

"Throughout that, he'll be talking about how students can beat the odds, and with determination, and with effort and perseverance, they can stand up against people who want to make bad choices." said Johnson.

The message today was that like Holmes, even just one person can stand up to bullies and make a difference.

Holmes has been featured in Ripley's Believe It or Not for having played more games than any athlete in any sport. For more on his mission, see the related link.

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