Operation Black Friday

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky --Its one of the days a year that Law Enforcement from all over the area work together to make hundreds of arrests. Early this morning officers state wide as well as here in Warren County set out to conquer operation black Friday.

"Operation Black Friday, Bowling Green is a part of a larger operation. We're cooperating with Kentucky State Police in a state wide drug round up today", said Bowling Green Warren County Drug Task Force Thomas Loving.

Detectives from all local and state agencies worked together to arrest individuals involved with drugs. Statewide it was a large number.

"It's my understanding through State Police efforts and working with other task forces throughout the state, there are nearly 500 individuals being sought today for drug trafficking activities today in the Commonwealth."

Not only were a large number of arrests made across the state, but Police made a substantial number of arrests right here in Warren County.

"We have 23 individuals that we're looking for today on sealed indictments for drug trafficking in Warren County. 7 of these individuals live in Simpson County and we're being assisted there by the South Central Kentucky Task Force, State Police, and Simpson County Sheriff. We have 1 individual in Tennessee that we will be working on and the remainder are here in Bowling Green or Warren County."

So far 14 of the 23 individuals that were sought out today were arrested here in Warren County. But the search isn't over just yet.

"At the end of the day all this information of people we're looking for will be passed on to the Bowling Green Police, State Police, Warren County Sheriffs Office and those officers will continue over the next few days along with our detectives to look for these people."

Loving said they're confident that within the next few days they'll arrest all 23 people. Law Enforcement Officials say there are typically 2 or 3 drug roundups in Bowling Green a year.