"Our Voice. Our Future." Engages Students in Politics

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One local company has created a new and innovative way to make sure high school and college students, around the nation, are not only front row to the vice Presidential Debate tomorrow, but can also have their voices heard.

It's called "Our Voice. Our Future" and for the first time tomorrow it will bring the live democratic process straight into the classroom.

"We wanted to use technology to make the Vice Presidential Debate available to students in a way that's convenient and can be plugged into their normal school day,"says Mark McElroy, Chief Strategy Officer at Connected Nation.

At noon more than 100 school participants in more than fifteen states across the country will live stream a panel discussion that will take place at Centre College.

"There will be some policy leaders and student leaders engaged in something of a town hall setting but students from across the country can engage via a web interactive format,"says McElroy.

Locals schools such as Bowling Green High and Western Kentucky University have students who hope to learn from the event.

"I know very little about politics and in order to educate myself before voting in November I wanted to learn about some of the big issues, and see what other people are saying," says Sara Volpi, a Graduate Student at WKU.

The event will discuss a range of topics that are likely to come up during the VP Debate.

"I'm sure that a lot of it will fall into economy and taxes and those types of reform but education is also a big thing i want to learn more about,"says Volpi.

Panelists include Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes, former Secretary of State Trey Grayson and Centre College democrats and republicans.

"Student's have pre-recorded questions and submitted those in advance, so all the dialogue will be oriented around student interest,"says McElroy.

Through this event they hope to stress that students are the voice of the future.

"We are the next generation, we are the ones who will have to make those decisions in the future,"says Volpi.

150 Kentucky students are expected to be part of the live audience at Centre.

To take part in "Our Voice. Our Future" It's not to late just log onto 2012vpdebate.com to register.