UPDATE: Owensboro Soldier in Alaska Sentenced in Espionage Case

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Update, 4/15/13, 11:50PM

An Alaska-based military policeman will serve 16 years in prison and will be dishonorably discharged for selling military secrets to a Russian agent, who was an undercover FBI agent.

Spec. William Colton Millay of Owensboro, Ky., was sentenced Monday. A panel of eight military members recommended a 19-year sentence but that was dropped to 16 years because of a pretrial agreement.

Military prosecutors painted Millay as a white supremacist who was fed up with the Army and the United States, and was willing to sell secrets to an enemy agent, even if that would cost his fellow soldiers their lives.

Defense attorneys said Millay is emotionally stunted, was only seeking attention and is a candidate for rehabilitation.

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) -- A sentencing panel is considering the fate of an Alaska-based solider who had admitted to attempted espionage.

Spec. William Colton Millay of Owensboro is accused of selling for $3,000 military secrets to a Russian spy, who was actually a female undercover FBI agent. The classified data included information on how to circumvent U.S. devices used to set off roadside bombs.

Millay pleaded guilty last month, and a panel of eight military members -- all men -- heard the case Monday at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in Anchorage.

Millay faces up to life in prison without parole, after pleading guilty in March to attempted espionage, soliciting another to commit espionage, and communicating national defense information.

Military prosecutors are recommending a 25-year sentence. Millay's civilian lawyer is arguing for a sentence of eight years.

Millay says he's sorry for his actions.

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