Parents File Lawsuit Asking County Schools to Pay City Schools Tuition

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Another suit has been filed against the Warren County School Board and interim superintendent following their decision to reduce the number of students allowed to attend Bowling Green City Schools with state funding.

Earlier this month, Alan Simpson filed a lawsuit on behalf of six sets of parents whose students attend Bowling Green Schools, and live in the county's district.
The complaint cited there was a breach of contract when Warren County Schools lowered the number of students living in the county who are able to attend city schools with state funding.

"In 2001, the then superintendents of both school systems came together and signed a contract that says a certain number of students will be allowed to attend city schools even if they reside in the county school district," said Bowling Green attorney Alan Simpson.

Simpson says the county schools breached that contract when they did not meet and agree on a number this year.
Following the decision, the Bowling Green School Board decided to allow some of those students to attend, but they would have to pay the amount of state SEEK funding lost as tuition.
Three of his clients have received acceptance letters, but will have to pay that tuition.

"At least three of these parents have come forward and received a letter that they're going to have to pay almost $4,000 in tuition, and since we are suing the county for breach of contract, it only stands to reason they should have to pay any funds my clients may be out as a result of the breach of contract," said Simpson.

Meanwhile, the city schools are pursuing an appeal to the Kentucky Commissioner of Education requesting the contract be enforced.

"If the commissioner of education decides in our favor... this issue could go away, but if it's not in our favor, we have every intention of pursuing this matter to the fullest extent we can," said Simpson.

Simpson says he hopes by winning this case, having to pay the state funding will lead the county schools to cooperate with city schools.

Warren County Public Schools attorney Bart Darrell was not available for comment.

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