Parents Unhappy About School Board's Decision

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Bowling Green, KY -- The Warren County Board of Education's attempts to limit the number of students able to attend Bowling Green Independent Schools has some parents angry, and some teachers in fear of losing their jobs.

A portion of tonight's Warren County Board of Education meeting was open to the public, but even though the issue was not on the agenda, and there was no availability for comment, but parents and teachers decided to show their disapproval even if they couldn't voice it.

"For us, it's a matter of splitting up our children. Some already attend city schools, and some are not old enough to go yet," said concerned parent Brian Strow..

That's a challenge faced by many parents.

"Do I split my family apart, and no matter what, it's going to affect my children," said concerned parent Minda Schafer.

"Most likely, I'm going to have to pull my two children who are already in city schools out and away from their friends so they can all be in the same school district," said concerned parent Cameron Lebedinski.

For some, the decision to choose city schools is influenced by convenience.

"I teach at Western. McNeill is right next to work. It was convenient to be able to drop my kids off next to campus," said Strow.

For some, it's diversity of the student body.

"We have gone out of our way to embrace diversity and move our children to public schools," said Strow.

Some say that environment won't be the same without the students and teachers the schools will lose due to the decision.

"It's the academic competition at McNeill that makes it a strong elementary school, and if all of a sudden these people are gone, what will be the environment for learning there?" said concerned parent John Gover.

Warren County Schools say the decision to cap enrollment was financially necessary.

"Last year we cut 23 teachers and 12 classified positions," said Warren County Schools Interim Superintendent Kathy Goff.

Now it may be the city system facing cuts. Bowling Green Independent Schools say they will be cutting five teaching jobs due to the anticipated decrease in enrollment.

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