Parents Upset Over School's Recent Decision

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BOWLING GREEN, KY - The Warren County School Board's recent decision to lower students from the county who can go to Bowling Green Independent Schools without state funding, has many parents involved upset. Particularly those who have students currently in school with another waiting to start next year or after. The recent decision allows students who currently attend city schools to stay, but any new student about to begin their education will have to go to the school where their home is districted.

"Logistically impossible for me as a parent to get everybody where they need to go. We're districted in Alvaton and my older children are at Potter Gray. We just simply can't be at two places at the same time. I know the county system has buses, but I can't leave a kindergartner at home alone while I'm taking my other kids to different schools." said concerned parent, Amy Wallace.

Each family has a unique reason why a certain school fits. Take Mcneill for example; it's location near Western Kentucky University allows for a near perfect situation who are also professors at the college.

"We can be actively involved in their school. We can't leave and go across the county and be active participants in our children's education. They're going to take that away from us. It's not a wise decision for the kids." commented WKU Professor, Dr. Brian Strow, whose children attend Mcneill Elementary

Concern has turned to frustration for many who believe the decision wasn't fully thought through.

"Really engaging in policy that's not really thought out. Not to even allow siblings of current kids to go to the same school as siblings. That's not a thought through policy. That's not a policy designed for the educational benefit of our children." added Strow.

Experts say the decision may affect property value since homes will suddenly become tied to certain school districts.

House Bill 182 will protect many students who live in the county but their parents work for the city school system. The bill states that children may go to school in whichever system their parents work despite the district in which they live. A link to the bill is listed below.

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