UPDATE: Warren County School Board Makes No Motion to Vote on Non-resident Agreement, City Schools Superintendent Reacts

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update, 7:30PM

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Bowling Green, Ky -The Warren County School Board's decision to reduce the number of non-resident students who can attend Bowling Green Independent Schools with state funding stands after the board made no motion to vote on changing that decision.

Hundreds gathered at last night's school board meeting to share their views on the non-resident student agreement prior to the decision.

Thank you for beginning a process that has been long overdue," said one supporter of the board's decision.

"We were just hoping that you would act in good faith as well and at least give us some warning this would happen," said one parent of a Bowling Green Schools student.

"We continue to hear about a 2001 memorandum of agreement that was made between two gentlemen, and the board minutes for either district show it was never voted on or approved by either board of education," said a Warren County Schools educator.

Both sides were given 3 minutes per person, 45 minutes total, and many had questions, most unanswered as the agenda left only time for public comment.

"It's not a discussion, or a rebuttal, it's just a public comment," said Warren County Public Schools Superintendent Kathy Goff.

There was one brief answer to a question posed by an attorney of Bowling Green schools parents.

"Mrs. Goff, did you talk to Mr. Tinius before you did this?" asked attorney Alan Simpson.

"No Sir." replied Goff.

When asked about grandfathering in siblings as part of the agreement, the board chairman said in situations like these when redistricting occurs within the county, some students have to move schools.

He also said the county expects to receive millions of dollars for each full time student who attends their schools every year.

"In the 13 years they'd be in our school system, according to our school finance directors, which I really trust because they know school finance would be a net of about $2.1 million to the Warren County Schools." said Warren County School Board Chairman Kerry Young.

The Bowling Green Independent Schools superintendent says his district will now move forward with an appeal to the Kentucky commissioner of education.

"We will be forwarding a letter to Commissioner Dr. Terry Holliday to let him know we want to start the appeal process. Our hope would be sometime in late July, we would have a decision from the commissioner as to how we move forward," said Bowling Green Independent Schools Superintendent Joe Tinius.

The idea of merging the two districts into one was briefly mentioned during the meeting, but Bowling Green Schools Superintendent Joe Tinius told us he has no plans of initiating any conversation to consolidate the two districts.

update, 12:30PM

Bowling Green, Ky - Hundreds gathered to voice their opinions on the controversial non-resident agreement between Warren County and Bowling Green Independent Schools last night. Dozens spoke both against and in favor of the Warren County School Board's decision to reduce the amount of non-resident students allowed to attend Bowling Green Independent Schools with state funding.

After public comment, the Warren County School Board made no motion to vote on whether to modify the non-resident contract.

The Warren County Interim Superintendent talks about the motion to vote, and one attorney responds on behalf of disapproving parents.

"That item was placed on the agenda due to a parent... a Bowling Green city school parent requesting it to be on there, however, after listening to the comments, it certainly still gives an opportunity for our board members to make a motion should they feel they had a change in their decision making," said Warren County Public Schools Interim Superintendent Kathy Goff.

"We have an enforceable contract they've completely chosen to disregard, and we'll see if the court system will support their quite frankly outrageous decision," said Attorney of concerned parents Alan Simpson.

Simpson says he will now speak with his clients, and filing suit against the Warren County Schools is not out of the question.

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. - The Warren County Board of Education will hear public comment on the non-resident agreement tonight during a 7p.m. board meeting.

The meeting will be held in Greenwood High School's gymnasium at 5065 Scottsville Rd. in Bowling Green.

We'll have details on the meeting tonight on WBKO at 10.

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