Patient Informaton Moving From Paper To The Computer

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Technology continues to evolve in health care. Gone are the days of paper and folders to store patient information.

"eHealth is an exciting movement around patient care and the movement of patient care information electronically from place to place," says Dr. Carol Steltenkamp, Chief Medical Information Officer at the University of Kentucky.

The Kentucky Health Information exchange allows a patient to check in to a hospital and a doctor to have their medical history on a computer screen. With the Affordable Care Act rolling out next month, Kentucky's eHealth is prepared.

"Certainly that provider can make better decisions about the assessment and treatment of that patient and so when you relate that to the Affordable Care Act it's a perfect fit," says Polly Mullins-Bentley, the State Health IT Coordinator.

The National Coordinator for Health and Information Technology in Washington says our health exchange is in the top 10% in the nation.

"It has just been wonderful in terms of getting information moving between the different facilities thereby creating a patient center record so when the patient moves the data is always available," says Judy Murphy.

They call it a health information highway, but with private information at the click of a mouse, safety has been addressed.

"We take everything to a higher level. We hold ourselves to higher standards for privacy and security so we more than meet the compliance with HIPAA privacy and security," says Mullins-Bentley.

Officials say eHealth systems will continue to strengthen the industry by improving efficiency and creating less errors.

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