Peach Festival Wraps Up at Jackson's Orchard

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WARREN COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) The long weekend is bringing people from all over to Bowling Green.

One hot spot is Jackson's Orchard.

Saturday wrapped up its peach festival.

"Well we got a barn full of peaches, fresh vegetables, canteloupe, sweet corn, blueberries and plums. We also have our summer apples," said Jonathan Price, of Jackson's Orchard.

Of all the options, the peaches were the main focus at Jackson's this weekend.

"The peach ice cream was really good, and we've just been walking around in the shop," Sierra Keene, who was visiting the orchard.

Families from all over were stopping by for the Peach Festival.

"Just here for the holidays enjoying my family," Rasheen Galbreath, who was visiting the orchard with family.

According to farmers there, they picked a good year to visit.

"Weather's been wonderful. Sun's always a great thing, and the cooler weather gets people out doing things other than just coming in and out of the store," Price said.

Kids played on the playground and visited the petting zoo, but everyone seemed to enjoy the concession stand.

"We've had peach ice cream. We also had apple turnovers, and they were delicious," Galbreath said.

Almost everyone there left with a box of fresh peaches, which Price said are delicious this season.

"The hotter and drier it is, really the better the peach crop is. The sweeter the peaches are. It's been a little dry, but nothing to complain about," Price said.

He said folks working at Jackson's were pleased with the turnout at the festival and the extra support tourists have brought in during this holiday weekend.

The festival is over, but peaches will still be available during normal operating hours.

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