Peanut Butter Recall

Last week on WBKO, we told you about a peanut butter recall due to a salmonella outbreak, now that recall has been expanded to include more than 100 products.

The CDC confirms at least 30 people have been sickened, most of them under the age of 10.

The affected peanut butter was sold at trader Joe's, Target, Kroger, and Whole Foods.

Investigations have traced the outbreak to a peanut butter manufacturer in New Mexico, called Sunland Incorporated.

Their peanut butter products are sold all over the nation, but this recall doesn't just affect jars of peanut butter.

Ice cream and baked goods made with peanut butter are also being taken off the shelves.

Officials say major brands like Jif and Skippy are not included in the recall.

For a list of recalled items go to

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