People Brave Cold Water in the Penguin Plunge

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Outside the Home Expo on Saturday morning, people were jumping into a pool of freezing water as part of the Penguin Plunge.

There were 38 "penguins" total dressed in costume and making a splash into 8,500 gallons of ice-cold water to support the Junior Achievement.

Each person was judged on costumes and the size of the splashes made.

The first person to take the plunge said it was worth the shivering.

"I'm happy to do it. I'm freezing. I'm very cold, but it was a great event, great turnout, and Mother Nature blessed us this morning with some warmer weather, although the water was frigid -- coldest water ever," said Kyle Kirby.

After wading through the icy water, the penguins were able to warm up in a hot tub.

This was the ninth year for the event.

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