People Flock To 400 Mile Long Yard Sale In Kentucky

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People across Kentucky came out Saturday to a massive yard sale.

The 400 mile long yard sale took place along Highway 68 all across the state.

Residents and companies like Overholt and Sons in Bowling Green were selling all kinds of used goodies include furniture, home appliances, and clothes at discounted prices.

One resident drove from Franklin to check out the bargains.

"We just to like to see what the people put out for sale and it gives us a day out. We already bought some bargains this morning, some things to decorate our dining room tables with for the different seasons," says Hazel Ford, who lives in Franklin.

"I love yard sales and this one's really good, you can just drive as much as you want to drive...." says Kevin Saggs, who lives in Bowling Green.

The yard sale will take place again Sunday, starting at 6 a.m.

It has been going on now for several years straight.

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