Pill Mill Bill Remains Hot Topic In Kentucky

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Legislators in Frankfort were in day two of the 2014 session on Wednesday, but a bill passed into law a couple years ago is now sparking controversy.

House bill one, otherwise known as the Pill Mill Bill is aimed at curbing prescription pill abuse, but some doctors said it makes it too hard to write a simple prescription. One of the pain specialists that helped create the bill practices in Bowling Green and said despite some of the negatives, a positive effect is already being seen.

"I have to talk to the patient about what the side effects of the medication are. I have to get them to sign a consent before I prescribe the medication. These were not required before the bill. Now they are required. I agree with all of that because it was necessary to do that." said Dr. Ram Pasupuleti.

There are multiple online groups who oppose the bill. Dr. Pasupuleti said some doctors have cut down on prescribing medicine because of the change. The University of Kentucky is doing a study on the effect the bill has on prescription drug abuse. Those results are expected to show a clearer picture of the changes.