Pinterest Trending Among Moms, Students and Businesses

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There's a new star in the realm of social media sites, and it's taking over how we share ideas. You can find it in a college dorm, as a mom's first resource for do-it-yourself projects, and even on the desks of CEOs, or in businesses right here in south central Kentucky.

It's the fastest-growing form of social media according to Nielson. Where you may "like" something on Facebook, you can now "pin it" in Pinterest. It's a collection of interests, how-to's, and some say it's perfect for those looking to save, or just need inspiration for a new project.

"I made sidewalk paint. Sidewalk paint can be really expensive, but it was like cornstarch, and water, and food coloring," said Pinterest user and Moms Everyday host Liz Fogle.

Recipes for sidewalk paint aren't the only money saving recipes Fogle has found.

"I made this tub of laundry soap for about $25. It has lasted, as you can see I've used about half of it, for almost a year," said Fogle.

Like many, Fogle also used it to decorate her home.

"These are actually just cheap frames I picked up at a drug store. I just got different sizes and I spray painted them. I have very little money in these, and this "F" I have for our last name, I think it was like two dollars at the craft store. I love that I can take different ideas and merge them into one," said Fogle. "I made the dress for my daughter, but then, I thought it needed something, so I got on Pinterest and started looking for fabric flowers," she said.

Fogle says it's more efficient than digging through the web or a magazine.

"That's why I think it's great, because you can get on there, and get off real quick, or if you have time, you can stay on and enjoy yourself, look around a bit," said Fogle.

One WKU student says she does just that.

"When I have a break, on lunch breaks I use it to pin something that looks interesting and I come back to it later, because I have it," said WKU student Catherine Montano.

If you have ideas you'd like to share with others, you can go to Pinterest and at the top tool bar,click add, where you can add you own pin, or upload a pin where you can add include images or instructions or even create your own board.

Pinterest has become a free form of advertisement for many businesses, one right here in Bowling Green.

"The majority of Pinterest users are women ages 18- to mid-50s... and these are the people making decisions in the families visiting Bowling Green," said Bowling Green Area Convention and Visitors Bureau's Telia Butler.

Drawing in visitors is the main goal of the Bowling Green Area Convention and Visitor's Bureau, and now the goal of their Pinterest account.

"Women go there for recipes, for crafts, for home organization ideas and to plan trips. So why not highlight all of Bowling Green's greatest assets in an account designed for tourism," said Butler.

They hope to draw in people from all over the world using Pinterest's reach.

"If someone repins a pin of yours, all of their followers automatically see it, so if just one person repins something I say, then about 200 more people can view it," said Butler.

Butler says the bureau has only been using Pinterest for two months, but it's a free tool she hopes will bring more followers, and that those followers become visitors.

Fogle says she also shares her ideas with Moms Everyday viewers on Pinterest. You can find a link to her blog at the top of this page. Just click on the Moms Everyday tab.

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