Pipeline Proposal Excludes Kentuckians

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Officials in Todd County are upset that a pipeline has been proposed to bring natural gas from north of Elkton down to Tennessee, without allowing them access.

"The way they have it structured is very offensive. We have the gas up here and they need it in Clarksville. They're just going to come up here and take it and not let us use it and not let us have a benefit from it. It's offensive to everyone." said Todd County Judge Executive, Daryl Greenfield.

Officials with Clarksville Gas & Water said the regulations that come along with allowing interstate access to the pipeline may be too complicated for their company at this point.

"It would burden us with the regulatory requirement that we just don't feel like we need or are prepared to handle." commented Clarksville Gas & Water General Manager, Pat Hickey.

The Todd County Attorney has filed a motion to intervene which means that any time a move is made regarding the pipeline, the county will be notified. He said the community of Guthrie may benefit the most from use of the pipeline because they are currently getting gas from Clarksville Gas & Water at a marked up price.

"If a local system could be developed on the competitive wholesale market, the costs to the residents of Guthrie would be greatly reduced." added Harold Mac Johns.

Each side has discussed the case with one another with little progress being made. The Clarksville company's planned actions mean that landowners may have to involuntarily give up their land for the pipeline though they'll be compensated.

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