Glasgow's Plaza Theater Celebrating 80 Years In Style

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GLASGOW, Ky. (WBKO) -- World War Two, the first man on the moon, and the Kennedy Assassination. Each are big moments in American history. Each happened after the Plaza Theatre opened in Glasgow.

It's a daunting task to keep up with.

"It's an everyday thing you have to maintain it or it will fall away."

Memories made at the Plaza Theatre last a lifetime.

"I can remember coming in when Jaws first came out and I watched Jaws from the first row here and that was very, very intense."

In August of 1934 the building opened its doors and admission was 25 cents. Eighty years later the building is still standing but it hasn't always been easy.

"We want people to come see it. There's some people that have never come and see it. "

Wendell Honeycutt has more of a reason than most to promote the building.

"It's pristine in the way it's been restored."

His father, the late Charles Honeycutt was mayor when the city bought the theater in 2001. At the point, the building had seen better days; but hundreds of thousands of dollars a a few years later, it's the way many remembered it.

"It's something I know my father loved. To be able to continue working with the plaza means a lot to me because I love my father of course and it's a way to continue what he started," said Honeycutt.

Jennifer Moonsong is the building's only full time employee and she says the reason the building continues to thrive is the people who fill its seats.

"We knew they wanted this to be a community place. A place for their kids to come, their grannies to come, a place to volunteer."

It's mint condition isn't the only reason the historic theater is unique.

"Glasgow and Barren County are fortunate to have somewhere where you can go a block away from your home after you have dinner at home and come here and see somebody like Charlie Daniels," added Moonsong.

It may not be a big name performer every night but each show will continue to make memories at the Plaza Theatre.

One of the biggest events for the 80th anniversary celebration is scheduled for this Friday. That's when the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band will take over the theatre.

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