UPDATE: Tenn. Twins' Autopsies Show No Signs of Foul Play

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CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (AP) -- Autopsies have helped identify 63-year-old twin brothers who were found dead last weekend in their Chattanooga home.

But the autopsies did nothing to resolve the mystery of what happened to the brothers and how their bodies could have remained in the home for about three years without anyone noticing.

Chattanooga police say the autopsies confirmed the men were Andrew and Anthony Johnson. Police say they were found dead Saturday. They were sitting in recliners inside their home and both appeared to have died in 2011.

Chattanooga police say there were no signs of foul play. They also said neighbors didn't notice anything was wrong. A police spokesman said the brothers were reclusive and did not communicate with family or anyone else.

Police have found the bodies of 63-year-old twins in a Chattanooga home, and police say they died at least three years ago.

An autopsy confirmed the identities of Andrew and Anthony Johnson, but their cause of death is still a mystery.

Police say they found the skeletons of the twins sitting in their recliners, and items in the home show they have been there since 2011.

Family members say the brothers were diabetic and lived a hermit lifestyle.

Many people are wondering why it took so long to discover the Johnsons.

The family says they have been asking police to go inside the house for years, but police say they couldn't because they didn't have a key and no one ever reported anything suspicious.

Police also said they had thought they house was vacant, and one family member told them they would not have been surprised if the twins moved without telling anyone.

This past Saturday, the family had finally found a key, so police were finally able to go inside.

Police are investigating the discovery of the decomposed bodies of 63-year-old twins in a Chattanooga home.

WRCB-TV reports that Chattanooga police officers were called to the home this past weekend to check on the residents' well-being.

Police found the skeletal remains of Andrew and Anthony Johnson sitting in recliners in their living room. Investigators think they died in early 2011 based on the bodies' conditions.

Officials said there were no obvious signs of trauma or foul play. Both men were diabetics.

A medical examiner will determine the cause of death. Police are still investigating.

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